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Acronym References

What is TMPFS ?
Temporary File System
tmpfs Name common for the facility is in operating systems Unix-like, for the storage of temporary files are used. However, that tmpfs is usually somewhere in the file system mount can be, but the information contained in it, on a space of permanent storage like a hard disk, not stored. instead, its information on a volatile memory like the main memory can be written. Disc memory (RAM disk) is a structure similar to that for a virtual disk (virtual disk) show, and finds a file system in itself. Anything that is on tmpfs, create. temporary. in other words, but no file on the hard disk not created. however, in the event that the system with the shortage of main memory will be facing, you may space the swap as a repository backup (for backing store) to hold the information tmpfs used. In the event that the system reboots. all the information available in tmpfs will be lost.

space required tmpfs from memory, the main financed and the capacity of the tmpfs fits with the information contained in it, big and small. In the event that the original memory is filled is possible to assign the space? can be the space of swap to allocate the space used. In many Linux distros, as well as other operating systems, Unix-like, etc. by default, a file system of type tmpfs in the path /tmp Mount. In some other distribution, branches /tmp a is typical, and tmpfs does not use, but branches /dev/shm is a file system, tmpfs....
What is FUSE ?
Filesystem in Userspace
File system in user space, or to briefly FUSE (pronounced fuse), the mechanism in operating systems Unix-like that to users, non-privileged allows, without the need to edit out the codes for the core platforms, file systems, create their own. This work, run out of codes, file system in user space takes place, and the module FUSE is only a "bridge" to interface the Core provides. Implement the main and common this technology, for a module can be loaded in the core is under license JP El and El, JP El will be released. FUSE is free software. System FUSE in the principle component of the AVFS. but later to a small, independent project in Source Forge convert. Implement fuse in Linux operating system., the ferry, feeds. notes, feeds, etc. open Solaris, etc. ^ " extension writing Part 3, Android and Mac OS Ten is available. This implementation of for official in Version 2. the 6. the 14 Linux kernel was merged.

in March 2013, etc. Sylvestre Gallon, this technology will re-implement it and it is under distribution type IP SS Si was released. Implement in June 2013 in operating system, open, SD was included.

fuses, especially for the implementation, file systems, virtual is right. Unlike the file system, the traditional information to disk save and restore ... file system, virtual selves, virtually no information do not store. Them as a view or translation of a file system or a storage device, the existing Act....
What is ZFS ?
Zettabyte File System
ZFS file system is that the first time by the company Sun Microsystems operating system Solaris was designed. ZFS functionality is a system file, modern made. Some of these capabilities include: Support high capacity and very high for ambient storage, data protection against injury, etc. supports picture moment. quota, disk, encryption information, compression information, etc. prevent the stored information, a duplicate on the disk.... ZFS initially for a free software implementation was under the license, Development, Joint Distribution is released. but after Oracle Corporation, attempted to purchased the company Sun Microsystems. ... ZFS for a software exclusive income. Now, most modern operating systems such as Solaris and ... ferry, SS, and derivatives of ZFS support.

ZFS the first time in the company of Sun Microsystems by a team led by Jeff and Mathieu was designed and implemented. The development of ZFS in the year 2001 started. first time on September 14, 2004 was introduced.

What is CIFS ?
Common Internet File System
The system records common internet or CIF (CIFS), also called a protocol, by definition, the standard for access to remote files to use millions of computers at a time. With the use of the CIF. users of different operating systems can file your own without the need to install new software to share.

What is APT ?
Advanced Packaging Tool
Tool package advanced (apt) (Apt) is one of the management programs depending on the operating system, Debian GNU/Linux. The purpose of this search application, installation and easy management software packages on the Linux distribution. Apt a few of the library is formed, which is the most important, it's apt-get and apt-cache are. Of course, Debian 3.1 is proposed that users of The in the environment of the terminal.

apt in open Solaris also is used. At the same time the possibility of importing it into the Mac OS through the software package Fink there. The idea of APT-Gothic software, Vienna-Gothic design, which is similar to apt, but on Microsoft Windows platforms.

In /etc/apt/sources.list address software resources have been found. These resources can be CD, DVD, Network File or folder, FTP or HTML or or Php. If the package in the folder or hard disk will be available, automatically downloaded and installed.

all the package format Deb (template file) are the prerequisites for auto detect. to this may be when installing program libraries required also get and install the back. Software apt from the Persian Iran TV works.

What is TFTP ?
Trivial File Transfer Protocol
TFTP is a File Transfer Protocol, which is due to the simplicity in deployment, etc. tical. This protocol gives users access to put or get files from the remote host . From the main application it can be used to auto transfer the files related to the settings of a device or file, and needed a device to boot in a local network noted. This protocol, first time in the year 1998, the standardization was that the profile of the current, this protocol can be found in RFC 1350.

TFTP has a simple design that mimics the deployment, it's easy. The protocol for the transfer of information in the early stages of the boot up through the network like BOOTP , mature PXE mature PSDP and... used. In fact, the TFTP is one of the elements of PXE or protocol boot devices of the network environment that is actually within the BIOS, network card, computer, host, etc., an algorithm to use from those anticipated and institutionalized. From TFTP to transfer the disc image, operating systems, and file sharing configuration to a router, IP phones, and firewalls are also used. The design of this protocol from the protocol EFTP, which is part of the protocol, the PUP is affected . Nowadays, because of the security the bottom of this protocol, it transfers files on the internet is not to be used, and almost the only use of it in the network, local (LAN). TFTP the first time in 1980 by IEN 133 were defined. Then in the following year, in the month of June revise the protocol as RFC 783 is released.

The protocol TFTP, which is one of the most simple protocol, the transfer is using the UDP protocol port number 69. Working with this protocol it is very easy and a lot of settings and features advanced that many of the protocols for data transfer they offer people. This protocol is only for reading and writing information to a remote server or from the remote server is designed and can not change data Name. remove or list.

in comparison with the protocol data transfer TFTP, FTP much easier. For example, in TFTP news of authentication used is not, and anyone who has network access to have it can use it for a while use the FTP authentication importance is high. Of course, the issue of security TFTP reduces. TFTP compared with FTP from a higher speed is also important. The reason for this thread is that FTP when transferring information, the need to acknowledge, packets sent(Packet), but TFTP wait for The acknowledge packets sent remains and file to the next post. Thus its speed is much higher than FTP and can files with high volume transfer....
What is CVS ?
Concurrent Versions System
System version, the process, or refer to the cvs is a software version control in the field of software development. Avs from a Architecture the client-serve the investor is entitled to a free software, will be released. A version control system, all the changes that are on the number of files is carried out the maintenance works and to a few developer (which may be in different places to be present and on time different also do their work) helps more comfortable with each other, cooperate. Keep all changes made on the files, it helps developers at any time enviable to the old and new versions to compare their progress and how the changes aware. Avs the first time in 1986 by Dick expensive for a number shell script was written....
What is FOSS ?
Free and Open Source Software
Free software and open source (FLOSS, F/OSS, etc. FOSS), the software is in order to supply the right of users to study, change, and improve its design, with available being the source code of software, free form butterfly, is being made.

What is BeOS ?
Blue Eyed Operating System
, OS (BeOS) operating system company, Be .inc., which in 1991, initially for the device, AT...
What is BSON ?
Binary Structured Object Notation
, Seven (BSON) a template data exchange of the computer is that, generally, as a molding data storage and transfer in the network in the database , goes to work. This template, template binary to display simple data structures and associative arrays (which in , the objects or documents are applied). The name "Seven" based on the name of a seven (JSON) is an acronym for "a seven binary"....
What is NPM ?
Node Package Manager
Ann (NPM) package manager, the default nineties.Js. One ppm of the way, mediator, command line run and curated dependence for a program.

What is XHR ?
XML Http Request
XMLHttpRequest briefly XHR name of an object in j...
What is RPC ?
Remote Procedure Call
Web service type RPC, etc. functions, the distribution of the run that they call their very for familiar with. normally, the most simple unit, this model invokes an operational is that a wsdl in PHP, there are other methods that function similar to as object RPC can be called. Object Management Group's (OMG) Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA) and Microsoft's Distributed Component Object Model (DCOM) or Sun Microsystem Java set have the same (RMI)is called....
What is SOA ?
Service-oriented architecture
The web service to implement the architectural approach to the concepts of Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) can be implemented that is based on the simplest units of communication that the same messages are at odds with the actions (operation), which is why frequently with the name of the service, message-oriented, as they are called. The web services are provided by most software manufacturers wholesale in the world can support. unlike RPC in this model, the possibility of loose connections(loose coupling), the researcher is more because the emphasis on the CONTRACT of that WSDL has produced, rather than on the details of the field run....
What is REST ?
Representational state transfer
Represented State transfer - (REST)
this model is an attempt in the direction of the descriptions or the construction, architecture, that of http, or similar protocols, are used that seek to limit the intermediary (interface) file to use apply the well-known and standard (like GET and. POST and. PUT, and. DELETE this HTTP) here more with the resources that the state flexible(State-full) are used instead of messages or operations. An architecture based on REST is REST-full, could be called to define a message of the broth from the WSDL on HTTP, to use, or can be an abstract class that merely on the soup, have been built. or can be wholly without any use of soup to be made. WSDL 2 not only connect to all the methods of Version A the Normandy does, but all the methods to connect to the http support, so it seems that for the web server, that kind of REST the run the best. every few that support this technical specification, architecture, etc. within the kit, programming the day the world is still poor. These programs are usually to the production of tools for WSDL 1 tend....
What is EC2 ?
Elastic Compute Cloud
Cloud computing, elastic Amazon...
What is TCP ?
Transmission Control Protocol
The contract guiding the transfer, or TCP, which is also the contract control the transmission or control protocol the transmission is also said to be the ... A set of protocols, a contract that is the basis for the internet.

TCP(based on IPv4) consists of four layers:

access layer to the network (Network Interface Physical)
layer connection or the internet (internet)
layer the communication is host to host or transfer (transport)
- layer Service Applications (Application)
for communication spoken by the internet, transport layer, two protocols TCP and UDP can be used. Protocol TCP data transfer with accuracy and high security can do, while the features of the UDP protocol rapid transfer of information, regardless of security issues for data transfer.

the most important task of TCP protocol ensure the accuracy of the posting information. Protocol, above, called "communication, connection oriented called. Cause this would create a virtual connection between computers, the sender and the receiver, after sending the data. Protocol, some of this type features more servants, in order to control possible errors in sending the information provided, but due to the increased load of the operational system, their performance will decrease. Protocol TCP as a protocol reliable also be remembered. To this cause, which to the knowledge of the accuracy of the information posted, etc. the information to the recipient be sent. In the event that the package information correctly has the sender put in the middle., the sender re-send the information....
What is FDDI ?
Fiber Distributed Data Interface
F, de iPhone, with the interface distributor, data networking, fiber optics (briefly: F, Di, IP), a local area network with high speed. that from the layout (topology) of the annular speed of 100 Mbps for the exchange of Information uses. F,, ay of the two rings. so the topology of the annular dual called. In this method, F,, iPhone similar with the standard IEEE802.5 in tokens rims. One of the most important properties of f, your use of the media transfer optical fiber to exchange data. Important advantage of using optical fiber over copper wire protection and security on top of it. because in this medium the electric signal does not exist, to which it hears. In addition, the noise is also on its impact will be.

F,, ay of the two rings, which uses include: ring primary Ring Secondary. Swap the data in the ring in two opposite directions. ring the primary to send the data is used and the ring secondary when the ring primary, sliding, etc. as a backup for it, the ring goes to work. PDF, your allows connection of up to 1000 stations to the ring. meanwhile, can the length of a maximum of 200 km, spread.

the standard F, de iPhone the first time by the American National Standards Institute X3T9.5 in 1980, was then to model the Cross Connection System, Open-was presented. This Institute of writing a new standard, F, IP defined... with the standard of the current American National Standards Institute compliant....
What is BGP ?
Border Gateway Protocol
Protocol gateway border or the BJP (BGP) is a routing protocol, from the type of External is the connection between autonomous systems it provides. There are protocols of this, for access to the global internet network is essential.

the main characteristics BJP can be to feature the amount of flexibility (Scalability), it is noted. This protocol in comparison with protocols such as OS, PHP, FTP, and AIG that to the number of routers in an AS or an Area restriction. due to the lack of need for direct connection of two routers in the network, this limit does not.

The BJP contains two types of internal or iBGP, and external, or eBGP. Type external IT between the two systems independent different runs and the type of interior it is also within an autonomous system. Usually, communication between routers in a state of iBGP full mesh is established. because the law prevent the creation of loops, a router does not allow routes received through an iBGP within its iBGP release....
What is PPPOE ?
Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet
PPPOE protocol is that multiple users can simultaneously line use the internet. This protocol of combined ppp on DialUp, was used, and over ethernet, which used the same multiple on-LINE user Ethernet were formed. In fact, you main settings like username and password within your modem, enter and inside your modem Save the field and anyone with cable or wireless ( having the password Wi-Fi ) to the modem connect get can of it line the internet you could ( in order to just use multi-user now ) Because all the information inside your modem set, but the mode that that bridge were the username and password inside The that manually inside the operating system creates the money was supposed to and saved the field and to connect the rest of the users have username and password for the isp you possession had shown up, they were inside the connection, enter, they, Of course, the username and password in mode bridge your modem to the face, are visible now and could be operating abuse, too, was, though, in mode pppoe, quite the username and password visible now and the possibility of any sabotage by People the attacker's there are also....