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Acronym References

What is OGG ?
Operation Good Guys
OGG or OG A a container format file, a free and open source, which means the foundation Xiph.Org maintenance and development are given. The creators of the format OG Jay stated that this extension without the limitations of software patents is, and to provide the transfer (streaming) and effective manipulation of multi-media digital ([digital multimedia]) high quality design.

the template or within the content og a can be a number of streams independently for sound, images, text (such as subtitles), and metadata to combine together.

in the framework of multimedia OG). Theora, a video layer provides . Layers of sound, mainly by the form music axis, can be prepared, but other options include codec, speech compression, human or speaks, etc. codec compression, lossy sound, or Ferris and OG TV, Zune!.

before the 2007 extensions .ogg for all the files that are in the content they casted contain be used. After the 2007 Foundation Xiph.Org recommended that the extension .ogg only for audio files OG JAY be used. Foundation Xiph.Org decided a new set of file extensions and the type of media ( media types ) to describe the different types of content such as .oga just for audio files, etc..ogv for video with or without sound ( including Theora ), and .ogx for the OG, a compound create.

from 7 December 2007]. the current version of the reference implementation of the Xiph.org big liberal Democra OG Jay (libogg) version 1.2.2 . The other version of the. Liberal Democra OG Jay 2, etc. is expanding, but from 2008 waiting for the write retries. Both libraries software, free software, are under the authorization letter, SMS, new is published. Reference executive OG Jay on September 2, 2000 from was isolated.

from where this template is free, and its reference implementation is under the authority of the limits to copyright. codec various OG A a number of media players different free and proprietary, commercial and non-commercial, plus, player, media, portable, and receiver, GPS of different plant is used....
What is SQA ?
Software Quality Assurance
Software quality assurance consists of monitoring the process of software engineering and the ways to ensure the quality of it used. The methods that this in order to make have been immense and diverse, that each of compliance with several standards (such as ISO 9000 and a model like CMMI) to check and guarantee.

methods of software quality assurance the entire process of software development . Including the stages of development software can be used to define requirements, design software, coding, etc. reviewing code, configuration management software, test management, management ... integration, product noted. Software quality assurance the goals, requirements, etc. abilities, activities, measurements and evaluation, dildo, forgives.

software quality assurance according to the ISO/IEC 15504 v. 2.5 (SPICE is a process that is supportive should be a layout preset, and isO 15504 quality in every single products, activities and processes independently guarantee.

After the topics raised on how to create the software and the relevant discussions in ... one of the challenges, review the concept of essential elements of software quality and the subsequent criteria for assessment and quality assurance procedures, it is. Speaking of quality software, and review and evaluation it is only through answering the following questions and specify a method to reach this answer is possible:

1. Define explicit and exact meaning and concept of \"quality software\"
2. Create a set of activities that our high quality software products provided sure.
3. Run-off activities, control and guarantee quality in all software projects
4. Use the tools in order to develop strategies, improve processes, software, and so the quality of the final product...
What is CPI ?
Cost Per Impression
CPI stands for Cost Per Impression. Namely, the advertiser for every time the ad on the page, the publisher can be seen, the cost of the payment. Most methods in this field of Model, CPM is per 3000 time payment takes place. CPM is usually used for graphical ads there are more ads static, i.e., usually the size of the file depends on....
What is CPI ?
Cost Per Interaction
In this model, the advertisers for the role of advertisers pay that normally, in the video upload or Application, that have been put (like Application sharing, Facebook) and based on interactions with that advertiser. Interaction in this kind of a move, rollover or shake the mouse started from the user side is that the results of its development and expansion, advertising, sustainable and continuous.

After development, the ad may contain a video, game........ This issue without the remote user from the page itself happens, and the marketer only when the cost of payments that a person looks complete....
What is CPA ?
Cost Per Action
CPA stands for cost on acquisition. Namely, only when the money is paid advertiser of this method earn something. Mean business on the site and contributing to various different. The acquisition may fill out a form by the users. to download a movie or buy a product. CPA is the best way of payment for the ad is because the amount only when a fee payment that does not reach their goal. For this reason, this type of the worst, for the publisher is because the only time that successful advertising is the cost. The publisher should have to rate of exchanges website, the amount of the attention. something that most publishers can't . This type is usually by the advertisers banner is not used, but rather more with Affiliate Marketing, the best....
What is CPM ?
Cost Per Mille
CPM stands for Cost Per Mille which means the advertiser for every time the ad on the page, the publisher can be seen, the cost of the payment. Most methods in this field of Model, CPM is per 3000 time payment takes place. CPM is usually used for graphical ads there are more ads static, i.e., usually the size of the file depends on....
What is SDN ?
Software-Defined Networking
Network axis software or network software defined or SD (SDN), an approach in Computer Networks is that network administrators will be able to manage network services through abstraction of higher level. This is through the isolation system to decide on how to direct traffic (page control) of the system underlying that the task of guiding the packets to the destination of choice (page Control) done.

the beginning of the network, software-defined a bit after the release of Java by Sun Microsystems in 1995.

network axis software a architectural, dynamic, management. affordable and adaptable, be sure to follow the suitability for applications with high bandwidth and dynamic today. Protocol open Flo element of the main network architecture software defined. The architecture of such a network is as follows:
- customizable direct
- agile
- centralized management
- configure via programming
- is based on standards open-source and independent of the manufacturer...
What is CP ?
cp (derived from the copy) is a command on the operating systems Unix or Unix-like is to create a copy of a file or a folder in a specific route to work goes. New records can be the same name or a different name with the original file....
What is MV ?
mv (move) is a command on the operating systems Unix or Unix-like that for the displacer, a (PC) or a folder to the path of specific goes to work....
What is CHROOT ?
Change Root
chroot is a command and also a recall system in operating systems Unix-like in which the root directory of a process running and also all its descendants will change. chroot stands for change root, and means a change to the root directory. When the root directory of a process is changed. the desired process can not access files outside of that directory are supposed to have access. In other words, the ... the desired process in the root directory of your new could be imprisoned, and all the relative paths, based on the root directory of the new translation are, and the path / time equivalent to the root directory will be the new. Recall, the system chroot() the first time during the development of Version 7 Unix in 1979 was introduced. On 18 March 1982 and 17 months before the release of the 4. the 2 SS. Bill Joy, the recall system in order to test system compile and install, the operating system, adding. Of chroot can be used to create and host a copy of the independent, and the virtual system....
What is ENV ?
Env is a command shell, Unix operating system, Unix, Unix-like is to print a list of environment variable, or run another tool in an environment is no need to edit the current environment....
What is passwd ?
passwd the name of a program in most operating systems, Unix and Unix-like by which users can have their passwords changed. Password that the user entered. using a key derivation function for Tangled has been released when this version of UAE are stored. According to the security reasons, the original version of the password will not be stored and only version of UAE are stored. When the user enters the system. password while log in to enter again using the same key derivation function for UAE visit it, and the result of the operation with a version that saved to a. if equal. the user login to the system is reduced.

file /etc/passwd includes information related to the users of the system. In this file, for any new user that define a line be added that each line of the seven fields, of the fields with the character ‘:’ separated.

this field from the following are:

field first: the name of the user, this is the name for the log is used.

field two: this field contains the password of the user. The password for the encryption has been written to be selective.

field three: the UID of the user. In the systems unix-base every user a number of unique.(Something like number, ID cards or student number)

the fourth field is the group identifier. Each user, at least a member of a group and that each group together a number of exclusive.

field V: for this field to another field, is divided into with ‘,’ separated.

field of the first: containing the full name and the real user is (when you send and receive email, the name is displayed.)

field two: room number of the user.

field three: work phone a user

the fourth field is the phone number of the user's home

field V:other information

the sixth field is the full path to the user's home directory.( The home directory where the user has full access to it, and files his personal as much maintenance.)

field seventh: the full path of the Shell (shell) Default User, this field can be written.

field the second that contains password encryption, the user can empty. In this case, there is no password for the authentication of the user question not be. In the event that this field is empty. some of the programs that the file /etc/passwd to read, etc. might that allow any access to the user." If the field password contains a character ‘x’ (for small). password, the real user in the file /etc/shadow is stored. In this case, the file /etc/shadow must contain a line for this user, otherwise the user name, non-valid to be considered.

if this field contains any other field. with its string, like a password encrypted would be dealt with.

field V by some applications like finger is used.

the sixth field is the represents the home directory of the user. Home directory of the user where when the user to be logged in there are. App login of this field is for the amount of this to the environment variable $HOME.

field, the seventh characteristic of the shell default user. Of course, you can address every other program take the time to write. In this case, program it to when user login will be implemented. If this field is blank, the shell by default, which is usually /bin/sh is for the user are considered.

file /etc/passwd - is a backup of this file....
What is SU ?
Switch User
su (derived from the Switch User) command widely used on the operating systems Unix and Unix-like direction, going from the account of the current user account to another user.

su sometimes as for "spoof user" or "set user" are also used; because this command. account current to another user change. Also, some cases, also to confuse the "superuser" refers to. because in most cases, to switch, to account Root (root) is used.

on the desktops GNOME and KDE to run programs that access level, the user need root. a window opens that user to run the program, have it Password the root user will give....
What is WHOAMI ?
Who Am I
whoami is a command-line command that most operating systems Unix-like and also operating system, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2003 there. The name of this recipe from the phrase \"Who am I?\" Means \"Who Am I\" to come. This command is the name of the user running it prints....
What is BC ?
Basic Calculator
. Derived from the first letters of the words English, basic calculator (calculators basic) is a language of the machine arithmetic with arbitrary precision and is somehow similar to the programming language of SI. The BBC, usually as a language process, blogging, mathematics, or a shell, and the mathematics Interactive to be handled....
What is GREP ?
Globally search a Regular Expression and Print
grep is an application, the command line is to search out the data and find the lines that an expression matches. is used. Grep was originally for the operating system of Unix was written, but nowadays, for all operating systems, Unix-like available. The name of the grep from the Command g/re/p in the text editor Ed comes in. (Stands for globally search a regular expression and print means a expression for the global search, and print) that perform the same task: a file (or standard input, or any other) for global search and lines that an expression matches are found, and in the standard output prints.

in the editor ed, which, by Ken Thomson written. grammatical there were lines that contain a particular pattern were printed. Ken Thomson program grep to be independent, to do this, the design will need to ed. In the tips page that in Version 4 of Unix. there is an official date create grep quarter April 1973 are listed.

grep the files that arguments have been specified, or the input . to find lines that contain an expression are search. (If in the arguments file was not specified). Lines found on the standard output print. For example, suppose a text file called fruitlist.txt we have that the number of fruit in which it is written. Want lines that contain the word apple, are we find:

grep apple fruitlist.txt
matching when that occurs, the sequence of characters detected. For example, lines that include pineapple and apples are, regardless of border, that between the words there printed. (Assuming the lines in the file, exist)

however, the pattern of that in the argument specified to be case-sensitive. So in the above example, if the linear contains the word Apple (with the letter A) exist, then the line cannot be detected. Unless in that line, besides the word Apple., the word apple also exist. Can be the capability of being sensitive to large and small letters by specifying the option -i in command line off.

at the command line can be multiple files for a specific search. For example, to search out all the files that name them .txt termination. can be * used:

grep apple *.txt
of phrases can be used for searching patterns of text more advanced. For example, to find all the lines that with the letter a start can be followed by any character enviable, have to be placed and then ple come. you can use the following command.

grep ^a.ple fruitlist.txt
As said before, the grep command in the editor ed, there was that to do the same, were used. Before the program, independent grep to search for file arise, etc. to search for a template, should such a thing was done:

ed fruitlist.txt
the first recipe file in editor opens. Recipe of the second pattern have been asked to search and makes the results in the printed page. Ordered the third time from the editor exits.

External links [edit] grep also can be options on the command line to receive this option, the behavior of grep to specify. For example, the option-l (letter L) makes up the grep instead of lines containing the pattern to be printed. name of the file in which the desired line is located, in print.

What is YMSGR ?
Yahoo! Messenger
Yahoo! Messenger or Instant Messenger, Yahoo! (ymsgr), the software that it user with another user, can be found in every corner of the world for online conversation. Unlike email, etc. the conversations in this software, immediately after sending the can be displayed.

usually, the company Yahoo about the changes, in writing, the new software, something does not publish. 5 August 2016, the company, Yahoo officially announced of the program announced, and there's always the app unusable....
What is EXT2 ?
Second Extended Filesystem
ext2, who know the phrase, the second file system developed. the name of a file system for the Linux kernel, which is originally by Remy card as a replacement for a file system developed was designed. Implement conventional, the file system, etc. called ext2fs in the Linux kernel. The other implementation (that in the quality and integrity of differences) in GNU Hurd, etc. ^ " extension writing Part 3, Darwin, some of the cores, SMS, and Microsoft Windows is available. 2 in some Linux distros, such as Debian and Red Hat, as the File System Default was used before by the file system of the newer 3 was replaced. 3 almost completely with 2 is compatible and in addition to the capability of journaling, too, is equipped with that, debug and debug, it is more convenient. however, still 2 for the storage media based on Flash, such as SD card and USB flash drive is used, etc. Because the capability of journaling in such media enhances the performance, and not be on these media can only be a certain number of practice write did, and so the ability to use a journaling reduces the life of such media....
What is TMPFS ?
Temporary File System
tmpfs Name common for the facility is in operating systems Unix-like, for the storage of temporary files are used. However, that tmpfs is usually somewhere in the file system mount can be, but the information contained in it, on a space of permanent storage like a hard disk, not stored. instead, its information on a volatile memory like the main memory can be written. Disc memory (RAM disk) is a structure similar to that for a virtual disk (virtual disk) show, and finds a file system in itself. Anything that is on tmpfs, create. temporary. in other words, but no file on the hard disk not created. however, in the event that the system with the shortage of main memory will be facing, you may space the swap as a repository backup (for backing store) to hold the information tmpfs used. In the event that the system reboots. all the information available in tmpfs will be lost.

space required tmpfs from memory, the main financed and the capacity of the tmpfs fits with the information contained in it, big and small. In the event that the original memory is filled is possible to assign the space? can be the space of swap to allocate the space used. In many Linux distros, as well as other operating systems, Unix-like, etc. by default, a file system of type tmpfs in the path /tmp Mount. In some other distribution, branches /tmp a is typical, and tmpfs does not use, but branches /dev/shm is a file system, tmpfs....
What is FUSE ?
Filesystem in Userspace
File system in user space, or to briefly FUSE (pronounced fuse), the mechanism in operating systems Unix-like that to users, non-privileged allows, without the need to edit out the codes for the core platforms, file systems, create their own. This work, run out of codes, file system in user space takes place, and the module FUSE is only a "bridge" to interface the Core provides. Implement the main and common this technology, for a module can be loaded in the core is under license JP El and El, JP El will be released. FUSE is free software. System FUSE in the principle component of the AVFS. but later to a small, independent project in Source Forge convert. Implement fuse in Linux operating system., the ferry, feeds. notes, feeds, etc. open Solaris, etc. ^ " extension writing Part 3, Android and Mac OS Ten is available. This implementation of for official in Version 2. the 6. the 14 Linux kernel was merged.

in March 2013, etc. Sylvestre Gallon, this technology will re-implement it and it is under distribution type IP SS Si was released. Implement in June 2013 in operating system, open, SD was included.

fuses, especially for the implementation, file systems, virtual is right. Unlike the file system, the traditional information to disk save and restore ... file system, virtual selves, virtually no information do not store. Them as a view or translation of a file system or a storage device, the existing Act....