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Acronym References

What is PKG ?


PVC Pine (pkg), a system management pack for the operating system ferry bi SD is. The IS PHP, which is a replacement for using traditional pkg_* is. For this reason, sometimes it pkg Next Generation or pkgNG (next-generation package manager) and can be said. The user with the use of PHP, which can proceed to install, remove, update, and ... packages, pre-compiled track. Also to help the wake, which information can be different in the case of the installation package has been acquired. The wake, which from a repository remote to install and update packages binary uses. Closed binary, usually files with the file extension .xz that are directly on the port, the ferry bi SD are created. Now Pi, which enter the tree -CURRENT ferry wireless, SD is in Version 10 ferry eBay feeds di to completely replace the orders, the traditional pkg_* will be.PKG