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What is CSS3 ?

Cascading Style Sheets Third

Thirty SS (CSS) in the side of HTML, the core technology, making web pages are. Thirty SS A simple method for displaying layout and video effects (such as font type, color and size) on a page on the web.[1] thirty SS of sex, language, markup, etc. with the structure of the text simple, computers are within each, etc. orders, waterfall-like, and the day, for how to display each web page can be added. According to easier, the command procedure shown the brushes and sizes, color and backgrounds, a layout of the mosaic includes the data (walls), and many other elements of the structure of each web page, etc. within your place, you.

the most use of this language can now be specify the style of the Web page, HTML and X-HTML, but it can be used on any type of documentary X All El, including SMS, he A and X acts of will. Maintenance and change the profile of the SI, the SS the responsibility of the consortium World Wide Web is.

currently, CSS3 is the latest version of CSS is.CSS3