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Acronym References

What is PWA ?

Progressive Web Application

Apps advanced web ( PWAs ) web applications are like web pages or websites loading are but can of user functionality such as working offline, etc. push notifications and access to hardware devices, traditionally for the native app to use. PWA, the flexibility of the web with the experience of a native app combined work.

from 2005, the technologies of the web development by Tool server-side ( PHP, ASP. NET ) or the user ( Ajax ), and responsive web design from static web pages to dynamic web pages transferred .

there are apps based on this technology in devices such as 2007 in web applications with your comparison with native apps is. Native apps provide a better user experience, and boot faster compared to the need to load in the browser at run time. Packed with resources and direct access to the hardware, and allowed native apps to do much faster to provide more features. In mid-2010 continued progress in HTML5 css3and based Java significantly more capable and standard-compliant browsers with powerful processors, like the iPad, A10 and Snapdragon 820 made combination-software is a suitable alternative.PWA