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Acronym References

What is GUI ?

Graphical User Interface

In the culture of your computer, the graphical user interface or interfaces PD, user, a set of signs graphically displayed on a software in which the user, instead of typing commands and complex Command Prompt, with mention on the shows video click on the image scene, etc. records, programs or command the diverse selection.
in other words, easier, a graphical environment which the software to your computer. for more tips and better user man do they apply on the graphical user interface is called. This facade, how to, user computers, etc. by humans. improves the way the graphics for display, software, OS, computer, etc. to its users. In computers, the more this facade, set be of the typo shown on the display. In today's computers, but in. view of the graphical user interface is set of the show and the background and buttons, and rainbow, to improve the relationship Man-Machine, in order to improve user performance better.
some of this term's "view of the graphical user A", " picture of the user", or "mediator picture of the user" have translated.GUI