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Acronym References

What is SEGA ?

Service Games

The Japanese company Sega in 1940 ad, with the name of the Standard Games began, and in 1952 to the name Service Games was renamed. The name Sagay current is also drawn from the first two letters, i.e., SE from SErvice and GA from GAmes is by far the Keep. therefore, after the company Nintendo, who in 1889 established. the oldest company active in the field of computer games, the company SEGA. Of course, now Nintendo (Nintendo) back in the 50's ad, and after the Second World War. to start activities in the field of computer games, and before 1956 in the field of card games (like Card Games. football, that ourselves, in Iran similar to those it had) activity. The interesting that is mentioned is the famous characters Nintendo namely Mario, Bowser, and Kong in the beginning, in the same card game they were seen (same subject, namely, the familiarity Japanese people have with characters, Nintendo, etc. because of the popularity of this special company and the game, which in Japan is). Sega by three person namely Marty Bromely, Irving Bromberg, and James Humpert in Hawaii was established, and then in 1951, the Office of the company to Tokyo, was transferred. Sega Corporation from scratch in the branches, service games (Service Games) was active, and that's why the name of the Sega chose. In the year 1952 AD David Rosen is a successful businessman, American,. management, Sega's assumed, and from 1996 on the Sega widespread activity was

change the name of the Sega lucky ' and Sega from the 50's to 80 could benefit of pocket snaps. In the same times, namely, in 1973, the company Sega first game, namely Hockey TV for Arches production and their ability to build with other games for the Arcade proof. In 1983, the first home console the Sega, with the name of the SG-1000 was produced and the competition Sega with the company, the console maker, such as Atari and Nintendo began. In the days that computer games suffer from chaotic anarchy, and any company attempting to build a console. the condition causes a heavy blow to Sega was and Sega to the brink of bankruptcy. therefore, in 1984, the company, CSK stock Sega buy Sega the name Sega Enterprises Ltd name change.

the Sega SG-1000 first experience of Sega in the making of home console after the machine arcades. Although this console failed expectations in competition with 2600 meet, but Sega, 1989, to build the game for Ann continued. The most famous the game one or the same chickens and the cat.